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Motorola TLK 100 Features

The TLK 100 radio combines Motorola's proven success in building a purpose built rugged radio together with the national coverage built into the new Wave Wireless Network. Dig deeper into the features packed into the radio and service listed below:

Rugged Design

Never worry about rain, dust, extreme temperatures or even the occasional drop. The WAVE two-way radio is designed to perform in harsh working environments.

WiFi Included

Stay in touch inside industrial buildings and other environments where cellular coverage may be limited by sending and receiving push-to-talk calls over WiFi networks.

GPS Location Tracking

Easily manage your workforce using GPS to maximize safety, check project status, find faster routes, modify tasks, and position team members where they’re needed most.

Easy To Manage

Update your entire fleet over the air, without having to touch a single device.  The entire system is Managed 100% in the cloud.  Offered as self service and with MCA support.

Designed to Integrate!

Boost collaboration no matter what device the team is using. Whether it’s front office workers talking to the construction site, or sales staff communicating with the warehouse, the Wave OnCloud app enables instant communication between TLK 100 radios and smartphones.

  • Motorola TLK 100 Talks To Wave Smartphone App
  • Compatible With Android and Apple Smart Phones


Mobile Communications America offers a completely free demo of Motorola TLK 100 and the Wireless Wave Network.  Simply complete the form below and our team of experts will help you get started with your no obligation demo.  Or if your ready to get started select ready to order in the same form.